Deadman Wonderland Ep.3 – 6

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You tell'em, kid!
6 episodes in and the show is still interesting, though I could do without the censorship of the GORE.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san! Ep.1 – Ep.4

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College girl works part time for a private investigator and finds out he uses demons to help in his investigations. Hilarity ensues. This show is funny. Watch it!

Deadman Wonderland Ep.1-3

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Your in for a surprise if you think this anime is all about this.

Only in a Japanese anime could a 14-year old kid be accused of brutally slaughtering his entire classroom and be sent to prison on death row for it. And only in a Japanese anime would said prison also be an amusement park where the inmates risk their lives in all sorts of bizarre games just so they could earn currency to not only feed themselves in the prison, but to buy an antidote for a poison administered by the prison officials that will kill them in 3 days. And only in a Japanese anime would the audience be dumb enough to think that the prisoners getting ripped to shreds right in front of their eyes are only putting on a show and it’s all done by special effects.

Welcome to Deadman Wonderland.

Heroman Anime Review

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Kid picks up a broken toy robot, puts it back together, toy gets struck by lightning and suddenly becomes a super hero robot, just in time to twart an invasion by alien cockroaches! The luck of some kids these days.

I enjoyed this series even if it didn’t really bring anything new to the genre. I guess my only complaint is that the main kid, Joey, looks and sounds too much like a girl. They also never really explained how he got his hyperspeed. Wouldn’t hurt to at least explain it was from the powerglove that controls Heroman? And Heroman can obviously think for himself, but just waits for Joey’s commands. Weird but true.

I definitely recommend this series if your into mecha shows.

Blood Trails and Hero Robots

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I’m Back! Like I said a long while back, if a new season of Black Lagoon pops up, I’d most likely return to anime blogging since Black Lagoon was the reason I started up this blog in the first place. I’m sure everyone knows by now that the new OVA titled Roberta’s Blood Trail just started up, and I intend to blog it once I get around to watching it. Problem is there aren’t many (if any) fansub groups picking it up since the show is being licensed like the previous 2 seasons. So it might take a while.

On the other hand, another series I decided to jump on and watch is Heroman. I like giant robot series, and this one seems to have every super robot cliche going for it.

Stay tuned.

Still watching, just not blogging

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So I haven’t posted anything in ages as I’m just plain lazy and had way too many shows in my backlog to catch up with. Anyways, I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands recently thanks to unemployment, and have been clear up a lot of stuff in the backlog while waiting for the phone to ring with the news that someone recognizes my work skills and wants me to work for them for less than what I was getting at my previous job. Until that day eventually comes, I intend to get through as many shows as I can, and I’ve even found time to watch stuff coming out from the current season for the first time in a while. SO, here’s a few quick notes on what I think of the season so far.

Chu Bra! – It’s cute, but I wish there was more comedy and less seriousness.

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu – 2 episodes in, and so far so good. Interesting how they went straight to the main event in the second episode, but came up short as expected.

Ladies vs. Butlers – I liked the first episode with the wild chase around school to introduce us to all the characters, but the follow up episodes so far weren’t as fun.

Weiss Survive R – I watched the first few episodes of this before going back to check out the 1st season. At two and a half minutes per episode, they do a good job of getting the point across and bringing some good laughs as well.

Now your probably wondering why I’m not checking out any of the heavy hitters of the season that most other bloggers fawn over like Durara, Dance in the Vampire Bund, So-Ra-No-Wo-To, etc. I’ll just say what excites others doesn’t necessarily excite me. If I read something on other blogs, I might consider checking them out.

If I find anything that interests me enough, I might even blog about it.

On a final note, my MAL account for anyone who’s interested:


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She's putting you out of your misery
The Finale…

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