Black Lagoon #13: The Vampire Twins Comen

Dahmer would be proud
We learn that Balalaika’s nickname is “Fry Face”, and that someone is out to disrupt the order between the various mafia groups by hiring a pair of expert killers to do the job. A bounty is placed on the heads of the killers, and Warrior Nun Eda recruits Revy Two Hands to help her collect it after unsuccessfully trying hit on Romeo Rock.
And that brings us to our villains, the twins of terror, Hansel und Gretel. Reading about them on other blogs is one thing, but actually seeing and hearing them in action is another thing all together. These kids seem to be on a Jeffrey Dahmer level of psycho here. Gretel definitely seems to be the cooler of the two since she wields a big f’n gun compared to Hansel’s axe. Than again, it probably hurts more to be butchered alive than to be shot at, even though the body count for the bar attack has Hansel at 2 and Gretel at everyone else who was there. One can only wonder the terror they put the poor Russian guy through before using his head for a pin cushion (hence the Dahmer reference I made).
The episode ends with the chilling laughter of the twins as Rock has a revelation that they could be vampires when Balalaika calls him up to enquire on the language they were using during the slaughter at the bar.


~ by 6six6 on October 31, 2006.

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  1. I like back lagoon Vampire twin

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