Black Lagoon #14: Bloodsport Fairytale

Don't piss off this woman
This episode starts off with a reminder of why we should always keep our dogs on a leash, or they could literally bark up the wrong tree and get their brains blown out by psycho killer cross-dressing twins.
After figuring out that the killers are Romanian, Balalaika meets up with Boss Chang to let him in on the information she’s been able to dig up and to form a pact with the Hong Kong Triad to take out the twins. Balalaika than calls in her elite strike force as they now have a personal vendetta to settle with the twins for taking out two of their comrades in the previous episode. Balalaika figured out that the Italians were the ones who hired the twins to come after her, and Boss Chang pays them a visit only to have his entire entourage taken out by the twins, who also took it upon themselves to do away with their employers. Chang is still the man, he just needs a ride.
Elsewhere, the supposedly uneducated Revy Two Hands and the supposedly uneducated whore Eda figure out that Balalaika has to be up to something since she hasn’t played her hand yet. So they ditch the gang of trigger happy bounty hunters to set off on their own. But Balalaika and her elite task force did indeed have a plan, and was executing it flawlessly to lure out the twins, but even Balalaika didn’t take into account the intervention of Eda & Revy who have cut off the twins from their date with destiny.
The twins try to bribe their way past the gunslinger girls as Balalaika orders all interlopers to be dealt with, even if it is Revy & Eda.


~ by 6six6 on October 31, 2006.

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