Black Lagoon #15: Swan Song at Dawn

Words from the Wise
Kicks off with a gun fight between the gunslinger girls and the psycho twins, which ends quickly when Hotel Moscow intervenes and drives off the twins, who come up with a new plan to split up (big mistake?). When things quiet down, Balalaika orders for her crew to proceed as planned. Revy and Eda on the other hand argue over their wasted evening and go their separate ways, before Gretel sneaks up on Eda and makes her an offer to help the twins escape once their job is done.
As dawn breaks, Balalaika has been waiting patiently all night in the middle of a park for the twins to come get her. Her spider-sense tingles and she calls out Hansel who was hiding in the trees. Hansel obliges (another big mistake) and before he can accomplish his mission, he gets his leg taken out and his hand blown off by a sniper. Balalaika explains the facts of life to him as he slowly bleeds to death. One down, one to go.
Warrior Nun Eda apparently booked Gretel on a one way ticket to freedom via the Lagoon Corp’s torpedo boat. She sings to entertain Rock, and the critics agree she isn’t half bad. Gretel calls Rock a nice person, in a fish out of water kind of way considering the company he currently surrounds himself with. He tries to comfort her after hearing her sob story about how she and her brother turned out that way, and Gretel makes him an indecent proposal which turns his stomach. Revy has a bit of girl talk with Gretel as it’s now Benny’s turn to explain the realities of life to Rock.
They reach their destination to drop off Gretel, but just as it seems Gretel is in the clear, the contact that they were to meet there blows her brains out right in front of everyone. Orders from Hotel Moscow no less. In a really powerful ending scene, Rock says to leave her where she lays as she’s at peace looking up at the sky, despite bleeding from the hole in her head. The ending credits even role showing Gretel walking along the beach shore and meeting up with Hansel at the end instead of the usual Revy ending.

My Thoughts: Anybody wonders if maybe it was Gretel that got killed by the sniper and Hansel was the one on board the Lagoon? Remember that they did switch roles before leaving and going on their rampage and nowhere was it really hinted that they had switched back since they could easily mimic each other’s voices and mannerisms. Maybe the reason Rock freaked out so much was because he saw a little something extra on Gretel?
Anyways, I really enjoyed the story of these past few episodes as they’ve dealt with some really disturbing subject matter, but the reality of it isn’t all that far off when you think about it. I also really feel that this would have been a good way to end the first season of the series considering they actually changed the ending for it.


~ by 6six6 on October 31, 2006.

One Response to “Black Lagoon #15: Swan Song at Dawn”

  1. If You look at the girls chest, She had developing breasts. The person who got shot at the end was definatly a girl. They both had sort hair and just switched the wig back and forth. And for the record I don;t make it a habit of looking at anime girls chest’s, Not the young ones anyway. It was just to verify.

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