Pumpkin Scissors Ep.1: The Invisible 9

It starts off by teaching us that even a ceasefire to war isn’t always the best solution, as those who’ve suffered and survived through it now have other problems to deal with, like poverty, epidemics, as well as having to deal with ex-soldiers turned bandits after losing their jobs when the war ended.
3 years after the ceasefire, we find ourselves in a little town somewhere that’s being oppressed by a group of military bandits who are holed up in an old dam with a tank to threaten the populace. In comes the Imperial Army SS III Pumpkin Scissors platoon lead by the headstrong and overzealous 2nd Lt. Alice L. Malvin. While doing reconnaissance on the dam bandits, Alice’s spider-sense tingles as she passes a huge looking soldier with a scar across his face eating asparagus salad. But before the two could get acquainted, the town is suddenly rocked by a blast from the bandit’s tank, as they’ve come to plunder food from the villagers. Alice immediately stands up to them, but they ignore her and fire what appears to be a blank shell before retreating back to their dam fort.
The town holds a party for the platoon to celebrate the victory, and Alice introduces herself to the burly soldier who identifies himself as Corp. Randel Oland. Before they could get better acquainted, everyone suddenly starts falling sick. Turns out the blank shell was actually an experimental poison shell, and now it’s up to the Pumpkin Scissors platoon to get the antidote back from the bandits. Oland offers his services to deal with the tank, and they head out to storm the dam. All FOUR of them.
So while Alice’s 2 comrades distract the mercenaries, Alice and Oland infiltrate the dam to let out the water to immobilize the tank. Problem is the valve is locked with a chain, so Oland tells Alice to go get the antidote while he deals with the lock in his own special way. He switches on the blue lantern on his waist and suddenly becomes a whole different person. After he releases the water, Wolf, commander of the bandits sets out in his tank to put an end to the invasion. His tank comes face to face with Oland, and a chill runs down Wolf’s spine as he recognizes the blue lantern Oland is wearing. Oland quickly dispatches one of the tank’s pilots by blowing his brains out at point blank range through the tank window as Wolf is in now panic mode. They fire an acid round at Oland, but he blocks it with his coat and continues to stalk the tank! Oland dispatches the other pilot and crashes the tank near the edge of the damn. Wolf threatens Oland that he’ll drop the antidote, but doesn’t count on Alice coming up from behind and swiping it from him before Oland puts a bullet through his chest, sending Wolf and the tank over the edge of the dam.
So the Pumpkin Scissors platoon was able to save the day and rescue the villagers. Oland stares blankly at the sunrise, and Alice approaches him and offers him a spot in the platoon to help with the war relief effort, something Oland didn’t think existed before today.

My Thoughts: The main reason I wanted to check out this series was from watching the promo video that featured Oland going one-on-one with the tank. And it was so much cooler watching the full battle! This is a rather interesting series as you got a ragtag group of soldiers in a post war time trying to help with the war relief effort, and the mysterious soldier with a dark past he’s seemingly trying to forget. Sounds a bit like the plot from Samurai-X, but Samurai-X never had a 7ft giant hero who could single handedly take out a tank!


~ by 6six6 on November 4, 2006.

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