Pumpkin Scissors Ep.2: War Relief Unit

Good Day
Oland’s first day on the job as a member of the Pumpkin Scissors platoon, and he’s late since he can’t find the office! He eventually finds the office with the help of Stekkin and Mer-kun. So after getting suited up, they head out on assignment to investigate allegations of nobleman Viscount Wolkins disturbing the peace in his area. They find out that it’s much more than just disturbing the peace as the viscount is playing a deadly game with his people, offering them rich rewards if they can survive a deadly game where he hunts them down in his tank! Needless to say no one’s been able to claim the prize yet.
Alice and her crew confront the viscount on his abuse of authority, but before they could arrest him, they find themselves surrounded by a squad of pistol packing maids! The viscount decides that they will be the latest players in his little tank game, with Alice sitting on the sidelines to watch her men take on Wolkins’ tank. Alice finds out that the maids were the ones who reported the viscount’s activities to them, and after revealing to them that she herself is of nobility, she convinces them to turn their guns against their master. Pea-shooters aren’t very effective against a tank though.
Oland goes into tank-busting mode and absorbs several heavy blasts from the tank’s main gun, but it does nothing to slow him down as he manages to get to the tank and takes out the driver with a point blank shot through the pilot window, despite losing a chunk of his shoulder to a point-blank blast from the tank! The viscount goes into panic mode and steps on the gas as Oland moves in to finish him off, but Alice gets his attention causing him to miss the shot before the tank overturns after hitting a rock in the sand, and Alice dives out and catches him as the tank flips over. The viscount survives, but the maids draw their guns on him, having had enough of his tyranny.
Back at the base, Oland is bandaged up with multiple injuries, and contemplates if everything he does for the war relief effort is worth it. They received a thank you letter from the maids, who are now free to do as they wish. And Alice gives Oland a few words of encouragement that it’s their job to set right the many damages to society caused by the war.

My Thoughts: Tank Bustin’ Oland is cool! The bit at the beginning where he greets the platoon with Mer-kun biting his head was also rather hilarious. Again, I’m liking this a lot for the tank-busting bits, but there’s also a serious message being sent out here about how people struggle to cope in a post war environment, and how there are those who are better off who use their authority to abuse the needy like the viscount did here. Next episode will concentrate on Alice’s background a bit, as we’ll probably find out why she’s the way she is.


~ by 6six6 on November 5, 2006.

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