Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.2

The Plan to Raise the Iron Curtain
Sunako’s first day of school as a transfer student. The previous evening she explains to the fab-four that she used to be just like any other girl, until she was rejected by a boy who called her ugly 2 years ago. At school, all the girls line up to greet the arrival of the fab-four, and they immediately take notice of Sunako who tags along with them reluctantly. We get introduced to Noi Kasahara, one of the female equivalents to the foursome of the school who also has a crush on Takenaga.
Sunako immediately becomes the target of everyone, wanting to see her face hidden under her long hair to find out what it is that makes her special enough to be walking with the hunks. A bounty is placed for a picture of her, and she gets chased all over the school by everyone wanting to collect, as well as jealous groupies of the fab-four. She gets cornered in a store room by groupies who threaten to cut her hair since it makes her stand out so much from everyone else. Kyouhei comes to her rescue, but when his beautiful face accidentally gets scratched by one of the girls, it sets Sunako off and she takes them all out single handedly before cutting her own hair off and revealing her face, so as to not stand out from everyone as implied by the groupies!
Turns out Kyouhei caught a cold from jumping out the window the previous evening when Sunako walked in on him in the shower, so Sunako is entrusted with the task of bringing Kyouhei home and looking after him till they get back from school. Kyouhei bosses her around, and Noi also shows up and has a bit of girl talk with Sunako, talking about all the effort she put into becoming the way she is and encourages Sunako to do the same. Sunako can’t keep her head straight and does a crappy job preparing dinner. Ranmaru tells her that Noi used to be a lot of different looking, and after showing her a picture of what Noi used to look like, Sunako says it defies the will of God, and just can’t take living with them anymore and tries to take out her frustrations on them!

My Thoughts: Should be pointed out that there’s a big role-reversal in this series, as the girls are the ones getting nosebleeds from looking at the guys! And it’s an especially big problem for Sunako who gets them from looking at both pretty guys and girls! They again kept up a high pace of comedy and the guys looked almost normal in some of the scenes. And what can beat a bungee-jumping mansion as a reaction to walking in on a guy in the shower?!?


~ by 6six6 on November 5, 2006.

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