Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.3

Ahh, Nostalgic Dark Youth
dummy hostage
On their way back from school, Kyouhei is confronted by two men from a host club who offer him 1 million yen to work for them. He declines since he has no interest despite the handsome sum being offered and the foursome & Sunako head home. While waiting for Sunako to prepare dinner, the landlady drops in back from her travels and was excited to hear of how the four had changed Sunako into an elegant lady, telling them to bring her to a party she’ll be throwing on Sunday. As the landlady flies off, the four go into panic mode and quickly try to teach Sunako all they can, but to no avail. Kyouhei finally gets fed up and calls her the dreaded “U’ word, UGLY! Sunako runs off and locks herself in her room, and it’s only several days later before the guys realized no one’s fed her any food!
They find her near starvation and force Kyouhei to apologize to her and get her to eat. Sunako decides she’s had enough and is going to KILL Kyouhei! What she finds is completely out of her expectations though, as Kyouhei is on to her would be homicide plans since she dropped her notebook earlier with various plans to kill him written in it! Suddenly out of nowhere, the men from the host club show up and kidnap Kyouhei! Takenaga, Yukinojo and Ranmaru come up with a plan to rescue Kyouhei from the host club, which involves them going undercover dressed in drag, and they managed to doll up Sunako to look like a lady and meet up with Noi at the club.
When they get to the club, the guys are rather surprised at Sunako,who’s acting quite lady like in front of everyone to keep their cover. They find Kyouhei when he’s unveiled as the prize catch of the owner of the club. Sunako immediately jumps into action, unveiling a German soldier’s uniform under her kimono, and even a chainsaw! She cuts Kyouhei free and they all make a run for it, and Sunako is more than able to handle the house security by herself! Turns out the owner of the club kidnapped Kyouhei as a present for the landlady! She’s disgusted by his actions and orders the club to be demolished before leaving in her usual dramatic fashion. Once they are safe and sound, they find out Sunako’s true intentions for wanting to save Kyouhei, but it doesn’t faze him as he gives her a kiss on the cheek as a sign of gratitude, which causes Sunako’s spirit to almost jump out of her body!
The next morning the landlady confronts the fab four on their actions the previous evening after witnessing first hand Sunako’s carnage. She gives them another chance to turn Sunako into a lady and win the bet before jetting off with her new love interest. All the boys can do now is concentrate their efforts to win the bet and live in fear as Sunako plots their untimely demise.

My Thoughts: It’s pretty obvious the series is leading to a Sunako/Kyouhei ending. But the ride to getting there is sure going to be a lot of fun! And just where did Sunako hide that chainsaw under her kimono?


~ by 6six6 on November 11, 2006.

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