Pumpkin Scissors Ep.4: The Deteriorating Portrait

First hand view of Oland at work
We get to find out a little bit more about Oland’s background in this one, as the Pumpkin Scissors are asked to investigate where Viscount Wolkins (from Episode 2) got his tank from, as the technology used in the tank’s firing mechanism was beyond the current known technology of the government. They can’t ask Wolkins directly as he’s gone mad and is currently locked up in an insane asylum, so they head out to ask Dr. Colt, the “father of tanks”, who played a big part in tank development since the early stages. But Sgt. Maj. Machs has his own ulterior motives as Lt. Webner, who asked them to look into tank issue, got into his head regarding Oland’s background, as it shouldn’t be humanly possible for one man to single-handedly take out a tank and live, no matter how much of a “nice guy” he is.
They meet up with Dr. Colt, but after taking a quick look at the early analysis of the tank, he says it’s too advanced for their country’s current technology, and there’s nothing more he can help them with. Alice’s spider sense tingles and she instructs the platoon to leave. While Machs retrieves the files from Colt, he notices a gun on the wall similar to Oland’s. Dr. Colt informs him that it’s the 13mm Door Knocker, from a long forgotten government project to increase a foot-soldier’s firepower and rival that of a tank. But the project was dropped as the only way the gun could be effective against a live tank would be to fire it at point blank range, hence the name “Door Knocker”, and that no one was crazy enough to get close enough to a live tank for it to be effective. Machs’ is even more curious now regarding Oland’s background and his old unit, the 901 Anti Tank Troopers, as he meets up with the rest of the team and they head off for the development laboratory where Wolkins’ tank is being examined and analysed. As they set out however, Colt is seeing placing a call to someone telling them to take care of the situation as a car follows the Pumpkin Scissors on their way to the laboratory.
So they get to the laboratory and inform Lt. Webner that they can’t dig up any other info, leaving the lieutenant no choice but to instruct her men to strip down the tank so they can examine it piece by piece. Suddenly a new model armored tank car fires a shot at the tank as the mechanics are working on it, and continues to fire away at it in an attempt to destroy the evidence. In all the chaos somehow Machs manages to get himself struck down between the tank and the tank car, with the tank car charging at him with a bumper of spikes aimed right at him. When it looks like Machs is done for, Oland springs into action to save him, getting his leg impaled but feeling nothing from it as he gives Machs a first hand view of his tank busting abilities, using his Door Knocker to take out the driver before taking out the gunner.
That evening, Machs hands in his report to Captain Hunks, and enquires as to Olands former unit, the 901 Anti Tank Troopers, since it’s taboo for any army platoon to have the number 9 in front it’s title. Machs presents a book with every platoon ever listed, and there’s no 901 Anti Tank Troopers listed in it. Hunks explains the reason he won’t find it in there is because they were known as the “Invisible 9”, a phantom unit. Stekkin than runs in to inform them that Viscount Wolkins has apparently committed suicide in the sanitarium, but Hunks suspects he was “silenced” so as not leak any information. Despite the apparent danger involved, Machs plans to continue to investigate the situation further regarding the 901 ATT.
Meanwhile, Alice is keeping a vigil on Oland at the hospital, but when she awakes from a short nap, she finds him gone from his room. Oland is in fact back at his place under the bridge and is trying to feed the local cats some food he got from the hospital, but they won’t come near him like they usually do. Oland realizes why as the episode comes to an end.


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