Death Note movie

Death Note

So I watched the live action Death Note movie last night and thought it was rather interesting. I’ve been on the fence since the anime series version started a while back on whether or not to watch it since there was a lot of hype and every other anime blog seemed to be covering it and giving it praise.

The story goes that Light Yagami is a law student who just happens to stumble upon the Death Note, to which if you write someone’s name in it and picture them in your mind while doing so, they will die of a heart attack unless you specify the cause within 40-seconds of writing their name. You have 6 minutes and 40 seconds to than right in any details of the death as you see fit, for example, running into moving traffic in a fit after paying to watch a bad movie at the cineplex. So anyways, Light kills off any and all criminals he happens to see on TV or read about in the papers. Under the name of Kira, he develops a cult following in fans and haters, and the police are determined to stop him even if he is only killing the “bad guys”. In steps “L”. A genius with a sweet tooth who has a similar mindset to Light/Kira and is himself determined to capture the elusive culprit without a face. And off they go playing cat and mouse. Personally, I thought some of the best parts of the movie was when Ryuk, the God of Death was around, as he broke the tension of the movie and added some light comedy here and there every time he was on screen floating around and chatting with Light.

So the big question now is, will I start watching the anime series now that I’ve watched this?

I’ll just wait to watch the sequel when it comes out later this year, or next year, however long it takes to get here.


~ by 6six6 on November 16, 2006.

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