Super Robot Wars Original Generation – Divine Wars Ep.1

The Ghost of Steel

Super Robot Wars Original Generation - Divine Wars

So I’m gonna be the only guy in the anime blogging community to cover this series? What the hey. I’m a big fan of the game series and enjoyed the 3 part OVA that came out last year, and was rather excited to hear that a full series was coming out.

The story begins with an epic battle between 2 mechs, with one pilot trying to deny his destiny and the other pilot trying to force the other to fulfill it. The battle technically ends in a draw when both mechs blow each other away with some seriously heavy fire power.
Jump to present day Neo Tokyo, 200 years in the future, but world isn’t really as technologically advanced as you would expect, due to 2 meteor crashes and conflicts between the various nations, leading to the formation of the World Earth Government. All seems well until a third meteor crashes into the Earth. Oh yeah, the world isn’t as technologically advanced, but they’ve got giant robots in the military.
We are then introduced to our hero, Ryusei Date, a mark for super robots. With his trusty sidekick Kusuha by his side, He’s hoping to look for work once he finishes high school so he can make some money to pay for his mom’s medical bills. But first, he’s looking to win the Burning PT Real Robot Fight national competition, a virtual reality giant robot fighting game tournament. Unfortunately, Ryusei gets totally owned by his opponent, Tenzan Nakajima in the finals. Didn’t this kid do ANY research on his opponents before fighting them? Who the heck goes into a professional fight without at least knowing something about his opponent anyway? Since this was a tournament, couldn’t Ryusei have scouted Tenzan in the earlier rounds? What the hey?

Ryusei ends up being a sore loser, since he originally planned to take a break from the game and wanted to go out with a bang. After he sulks around the stadium for a bit, as in waiting for the entire stadium to clear out and the clean up team to get to work, he finally decides to leave with Kusuha. But a giant object crashes into the stadium, which turns out to be a giant alien robot that proceeds to go on a rampage in the city. While trying to escape, Kusuha gets pinned down by debris and there isn’t much Ryusei can do to help. Until somebody conveniently leaves a real giant robot out in the open for Ryusei to use! A Federation Class Gespenst MkII Personal Trooper to be exact. Turns out Ryusei is actually being observed by some government faction, believing him to have a special talent for piloting robots due to his DNA strain or something, even if he did gets his ass totally handed to him by Tenzan in the tournament.
What a coincidence, the Gespenst MkII controls exactly like the controls in the game Ryusei was playing earlier! Needless to say he’s able to save the day, but than totally freaks out when enemy reinforcements show up to end the episode.

A whole lot more characters to be introduced...

OK, I guess now I should say something about the animation of this series. It’s pretty obvious a good chunk of the budget for this series went into the awesome cell-shaded CG for the mecha battles. But it’s the regular animation that sort of takes a hit from this, as on more than one occasion I noticed Ryusei’s mouth was moving more than what he was saying, kinda like a bad dub job. Maybe it’s so they can fit in more words for the English dub? There was also more than one scene where they used a plain still frame for a few seconds.
I don’t really mind since I’m in this mostly for the robot battles. You just might want to keep that in mind if the occasional bad animation quality puts you off from watching an entire series.

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