Black Lagoon #16: Greenback Jane

Not a Dr. Phil fan?

Greenback Jane is the name of a counterfeiter with a perfectionist-complex hired by the Gerolam Familia to make some counterfeit cash / plates for them. She might be a perfectionist about her work, but not with her deadlines as she misses the mark by 2 months and blows the budget given to her. She gets 48-hours to finish the job or she’s out of a job, permanently. She gets fed up and decides to make a run for it, which is where our little adventure begins.
Revy wakes up in the morning with a hangover, and apparently she shot up her room and AC during the night and it’s a hot day in Roanapur today. She heads over to the church to meet Eda, but the church isn’t any cooler. Jane tries to seek help from the church, but Eda turns her away before the mob shows up and puts a bullet through the church door. BIG mistake as this sets off Revy & Eda who are bored out of their minds and now have something to do, regardless if it was a mistake! All Hell breaks loose as Revy & Eda fire away at the mob members, and an apprentice priest and the head mother of the church even lend a hand in the onslaught!

After the mob runs off, Jane explains her situation to Revy and the clergy. After proving how efficient her counterfeits are, she asks for their help, but is declined. Eda does however tell her of a place where she can hide out in town. Turns out to be a double-cross however, as Eda deliberately sells off the information on where Jane is hiding out to make a buck for the church. What Eda doesn’t know however, is that Mr. Elvis of the Gerolam Familia brings in his top guy, Groovy Guy Russel the Trouble Maker, who in turn hires a squad of the most psychotic bounty hunters in Roanapur to go after Jane! Jane drifts off to sleep in her room that night, not knowing the insanity that’s about to befall her…One thing I love about this series is the way they’ll use an entire episode to build up the back story and use the following episodes to kicks some serious ass!


~ by 6six6 on November 26, 2006.

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