Pumpkin Scissors Ep.5: The Shallow-Minded Men

One Man Killing Machine

Due to him sneaking out of the hospital to feed the cats under the bridge he sleeps at, Oland aggravated his injuries and is now stuck in the hospital for longer than expected. He gets scolded by Alice, who Oreld later tells him was really worried about him when he disappeared from the hospital. Nurse Rosetta than shows up and also scolds Oland for sneaking out, and then tries to get a urine sample from him, but that’s not easy considering Oland’s uh…size.


Seriously, could YOU keep a straight conversation going if a cute nurse was handling your package?

Later, Machs is trying to dig up info on the Invisible 9 at the State Section Archives, but Oreld shows up and convinces him to mind his own business and not to judge Oland due to his past. Oreld himself is a little curious, and uses his charm to help Machs dig up some of the more confidential info in the archives department. They than decide to go straight and be upfront with Oland on the matter, and find away to sneak away from Alice to go see him.
They get to the hospital only to find a bit of an emergency as Oland’s roommate, Wanks, is up on the roof contemplating suicide since he just lost his job with a briefcase company after 20 years of service with them. Oland manages to convince him not to jump, but a strong gust of wind blows the old man off the edge, and Oland quickly jumps and tosses him to safety, but Oland himself is now in danger of being killed by the fall. Machs and Oreld managed to grab him, but the big man is too heavy and even with the help of nurse Rosetta and Wanks can barely hold on to him, until a mysterious figure quickly dashes in to give them the extra hand they need before quickly disappearing into the night.
Elsewhere, after giving his report to the higher up regarding the modified tank the Pumpkin Scissors platoon encountered earlier in the series, Captain Hunks meets Muse Kauplan, of the Kauplan Institute, who according to Machs’ research earlier, had a hand in Oland getting transferred to Section III!
The episode ends on a rather funny note as the Oland is about to check out of the hospital, but nurse Rosetta shows up with a possible answer to get a urine sample from the big guy! She gets right in his pants, but unfortunately it fails again as Oland is just too much man to deal with!

Know what would have made that ending a whole lot funnier? If Alice had walked in while Rosetta was handling his unit! Throughout the whole episode, Oreld referred to Oland as “the big guy”, and I guess that applies to Oland in more ways than one!


~ by 6six6 on November 30, 2006.

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