Pumpkin Scissors Ep.6: Bountiful Times

Worst pick-up line ever...

Oland finds an abandoned baby outside the military headquarters, and the Pumkin Scissors decides to take care of it. Alice, Stekkin and even Lt. Webner aren’t too good with the baby though, so it’s left in the care of Oland while Alice, Oreld and Machs go out to try and search for the baby’s mother.

The trio have little luck getting any information in town due to Alice’s headstrong attitude, so Oreld convinces her to do things his way. He brings them to an old acquaintance to try and get some information, but the contact is less than cooperative and berates Oreld for his choice of careers. Oreld finally has enough when Alice gets berated and shows a different side of himself to Alice & Machs when he single handedly takes out the thugs. So Alice gets another reality check on civilian life and the gap between them and the nobles / military.
Back at the base, Alice and Oland chat near the entrance as Alice reflects on what she’s learned that day about life outside. They then spot baby Dieter’s mom at the front gate and Alice convinces her not to run from them. The mother explains why she had no choice but to abandon the baby due to hard times, but decides to take back baby Dieter and do her best to raise him. So alls well ends well for everyone, except Stekkin.

Next Episode: Still no tank busting!


~ by 6six6 on December 4, 2006.

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