Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.7

I Am Number One!

Manly Man indeed.

A big boss and his gang come from out of town to Mori High School to challenge the strongest fighter there for territorial supremacy. And guess who the top fighter just happens to be? Things take a bizarre twist when the big boss sets his eyes on Sunako and falls in love with her! And it turns into a “love rivalry” when Noi clues him in that Sunako and Kyouhei are a couple! Kyouhei thinks it’s funny that the boss would fall for such a person and laughs it off, totally ignoring his challenge and moving on.
The boss decides to kidnap Sunako to draw out Kyouhei, but his thugs can’t bring themselves to do it since she’s just too creepy. Sunako spots the would be kidnappers and they run for it, but somehow Hiroshi-kun gets stuck to one of them and Sunako chases them all the way back to their hideout, passing Noi along the way who also follows them to see what’s happening. At the hideout they thugs use Hiroshi as a hostage to capture Sunako.


Noi lets the boys know what she just witnessed, but Kyouhei couldn’t care less as the rest of them set out to try and rescue Sunako. Unfortunately there’s little the four of them could do since none of them are fighters like Kyouhei, and end up getting captured themselves. Kyouhei wises up and finally goes to rescue them, leading to a big fight where he holds his own against the gang until he gets distracted and attacked from behind.
Kyouhei takes a beating from the boss, but refuses to quit, and when Kyouhei finally says something nice about Sunako, it sets her off and she single-handedly takes out the boss. With victory on their side, Kyouhei finally collapses in Sunako’s arms, which causes her to nose-bleed. Everyone goes home happy, except for the thug gang.Once again, as good as this show is, it would be so much better if they didn’t chibi Sunako all the time.


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