SRWOG Divine Wars Stage 2

Awakening Clairvoyance

What he said.

Ryusei is getting ganged up on by the bugs till some back up arrives and cleans house for him. Ryusei is confronted by the commander of the unit for being an unidentified pilot, but is let off the hook when more bugs start attacking the city. There’s one bug left however, and Ryusei was pretty confident he could beat it by himself. Unfortunately he doesn’t take into account that his Personal Trooper wasn’t built for physical combat and he busts its arm from pounding the bug. But than to the surprise of everyone, he manages to let off a projectile attack without really doing anything, but it’s enough to finish off the bug.

Ryusei manages to rescue Kusuha and gets her to an ambulance, but is confronted by Ingram Plisken, the man who has been secretly observing Ryusei. He charges Ryusei of boarding a classified military machine, but will let the charges slide if he agrees to join the military as a test pilot for the private troopers. Sneaky ain’t he? Ryusei agrees on the condition that the military pays for his mother’s medical bills, to which Ingram also agrees. It is also explained that the robot bugs are alien robots called Aerogaters, who for some reason are bent on attacking the Earth with their superior mecha technology.
Later, Ryusei pays his mom a visit at the hospital to let her know that he won’t be able to visit for a while, but doesn’t inform her that he’s joining the army. He than heads to the army base and meets up with Captain Aya Kobayashi, and the two get along just fine, but Aya’s Spider Sense tingles when giving him a handshake.
Meanwhile, Ingram is chatting with Dr. Frankenstein (?) regarding Ryusei’s abilities, and it turns out that Kusuha could also have the gift of being able to pilot a Personal Trooper effectively, and is also being kept under observation. It also turns out that there’s a rival organization called the EOTI that are also developing personal trooper robots and could also be sourcing out gifted pilots, stealing away those that Ingram is observing.
We than go to EOTI HQ, where the head of the department, Dr. Bian together with his team of mecha developers are about ready to unveil their latest line personal troopers.

OK, the guy’s name wasn’t really Dr. Frankenstein, but they haven’t mentioned his name yet either.


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