Pumpkin Scissors Ep.7: Dancers: The Lead and the Follow

Just how old is Stekkin anyways?

Seriously? How old is Stekkin supposed to be anyways? She looks like a 10-year old here.

Oland, Oreld, Machs & Mercury have to go on a mission while Alice has the day off to attend some party with her fiancé. Tomboy that she is, she has trouble picking out a dress to wear, and almost gets her head taken off by her sister Elice for wanting to go in military gear. She finally picks out something and heads out with her fiancé Lord Schultz, who seems to be a bit of an extravagant dork.

The guys meanwhile are investigating a tip that food supplies being sent our aren’t reaching the civilians they were intended for, and head out to check with the noble who was in charge of distributing them. The noble’s castle is locked, so Oreld picks the lock to let themselves in. Mercury runs off and finds all the food supplies rotting in the yard, and before the guys know it, they are being fired upon by the noble’s security, accusing them of being bandits. The guys give Mercury a message to deliver back to HQ regarding the situation as they are pinned down by the enemy gunfire.
Coincidentally, Mercury runs into Alice, and after reading the message, she commandeers Schultz’s horse and carriage and races off to help her comrades. Back at the castle, Oland goes into tank busting mode and runs a distraction while Oreld and Machs infiltrate the castle interior. Feeling no pain, Oland takes a few bullets before Alice shows up and shields him with the carriage while Oland brings the roof down by taking out the structural support. The lord and his men scramble to safety, but run into Machs and Oreld, ending the siege.
They question the lord on the rifles his men were using, as they were technologically advanced from the firearms currently available, much like the tank from episode 2. Turns out the weapons were given to him by some anonymous person as well as propaganda that hungry civilians would kill the lord just to get to the food, so the guy was living in fear all this time.
So they take the lord and his men into custody and confiscate the firearms as Schultz and his driver show up just as another carriage pulls up to the scene. The carriage belongs to Alice’s real fiancé, Lord Leonir Taylor. And despite Alice messing up her dress a bit, he’s still willing to take her to the party. He has one last surprise for Alice though, as it turns out he was the one that tipped off Section III about the food supplies not reaching the peasants.

And I guess it wouldn’t surprise anyone if it turns out Lord Leonir is the guy making all these new weapons and is in fact the head heel of this series.

She's got legs, and she knows how to use them!

And how about that kicking leg on Elice? Makes you wonder why she didn’t join the army.


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