SRWOG Divine Wars Stage 3

The Third Man

2nd Lt. Raidis F. Branstein

We get introduced to 2nd Lt. Raidis F. Branstein, who pilots the PTX-004-01 Schutzwald. He’s teamed up with Aya and Ryusei, and during a mock combat training exercise, Ryusei royally f*cks up when he breaks formation, leading to his teammates being out-gunned and he runs head first into a trap, leading to the team losing to a tank brigade.

Ryusei of course gets scolded by Aya later, and storms off in a fit only to run into two members of the tank brigade. They mock his lack of combat ability, and the fact the he looked down on the tank brigade when compared to his high-tech mech. Ryusei takes a swing at them, but he also lacks easily gets his ass kicked by the tank pilots till Branstein shows up, followed shortly by the tank brigade commander. Ryusei ends up getting a short lecture from Branstein as well as the tank commander.
Next morning we see a team of flying mechs from EOTI doing their own combat training exercise, and they’ve got a new pilot too which turns out to be Tenzan Nakajima! Like Ryusei, he totally disobeys his commanders orders and jumps right into combat, but unlike Ryusei, is totally dominant and victorious in the exercise, comparing it to the game and wanting more suitable competition. Tin-faced Dr. Adler is rather proud of Tenzan’s abilities, and when Dr. Bian orders him to send a mech into a live zone for reconnaissance, he decides to send Tenzan in, even if it means showing the government and their rivals the secret mecha project they were working on.

It might not happen anytime soon, but I can’t wait to see Tenzan get his ass kicked. People like him are so annoying.


~ by 6six6 on December 11, 2006.

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