Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.8

Winter Wonder Land

Nabe Magistrate Kyouhei

Kyouhei wants to eat nabe, and orders Sunako to buy the food as well as the kotatsu for cooking it. Kyouhei ends up going grocery shopping with Sunako the next day, and to their surprised, everybody thinks that Sunako “the scary girl” has found a boyfriend and starts giving them free stuff and special discounts to celebrate the occasion! But it still doesn’t stop Kyouhei from spending what little money they have left on some expensive seafoods, leaving them no money to get the kotatsu. Things get even worse when Kyouhei’s fangirls find him there and rush around him causing them to drop all the food they bought and get trampled, so they end up with no nabe that evening.

And since Kyouhei squandered what money they had, he and the boys had to take up a part time job recommended to them by the landlady at a high class restaurant, with the added perk that they get a high class meal to go along with their pay. The guys convince Kyouhei to bring back some food for Sunako, but he’s less than kind to Sunako about delivering it to her and they have another argument.
The next morning Sunako learns from the guys that Kyouhei has had some family problems and never really had a family meal with all his family, which is why he really wanted the nabe. Sunako feels sorry for Kyouhei and decides to go shopping for nabe ingredients with what money she has left. Kyouhei on the other hand is helping out a farmer with a bad back to harvest his vegetables, in exchange for some that he can use in making nabe.
Sunako on the other hand runs into some good fortune when the local merchant heard about the hard luck she had the last time she was there, and they decide to offer her some freebies since when Kyouhei was with her at the market the other day, the number of customers they had tripled for that day! Sunako happily takes what she needs, but stops when she sees a furniture shop. She goes in and hammers together her own kotatsu with the unused wood at the shop, in exchange for helping them out every now and then.
On his way home, Kyouhei come upon an abandoned kotatsu in the middle of the street, but guess who’s under it? Kyouhei realizes Sunako put together the table herself, and Sunako likewise figures out Kyouhei worked for the veggies he’s holding when they see each other’s bruised hands. Kyouhei helps Sunako to carry the table back and she helps him carry the groceries. Aww….
Back at the mansion, Takenaga invited Noi-chan over to join them for dinner, but they get worried when Sunako and Kyouhei still haven’t returned yet. They decide to go look for them, and find them right outside the door frozen in the cold! So close, and yet so far.
So after they get thawed out, Sunako finds out that her aunt, the landlady, sent her a package, which turns out to be a giant tuna fish! So the episode ends with everyone happily enjoying a nice big nabe meal.

Nice little development episode for Sunako and Kyouhei. I’d still like to see less of Sunako in chibi-mode since it makes her look like a kid.


~ by 6six6 on December 11, 2006.

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