Pumpkin Scissors Ep.8: Burning in the Fields of Snow

But that's not a hammer your carrying, Alice...
Section III is given the task of delivering an important cargo to the town of Essan, far in the snowy mountains. They get attacked by bandits, and are almost captured till Oland accidentally causes the truck their riding in to fall over a cliff! They all survive the fall, but Machs is injured, so Oland has to carry him as they trudge through the harsh snowy conditions till they get to an abandoned cabin to shelter up for the night. But the bandits are still on their trail.

At the cabin, the fab foursome plan their move for the next morning, as they have a limited time to deliver the cargo. But they are still faced with the problem of surviving through the cold night. They split whatever provisions they have between them and light a fire, but it’s still freezing, so Oreld convinces Oland to ask Alice to snuggle up together with the 3 of them to share their body heat. Of course being Oland, he totally flubs the question and gets slapped by Alice! I sense a running gag here. She does go through with it though, just not as snug as Oreld probably had in mind.
Alice gets up early the next morning to find they are surrounded by the bandits. Oland offers to stay back and hold them off while the others escape, but Oreld has a better idea. He boobie-traps the front door, and when one of the bandits sets it off, the fab four jump out the window making their escape on a makeshift sled, another trick Oreld learned growing up on the streets.
The bandits chase them till they lose control of their sled and crash, but they still have a chance if they can make it across along suspension bridge (how convenient?). Oland again volunteers to stay back and hold off the bandits, and Machs & Oreld have to drag off Alice since they didn’t have any other choice. Oland goes into tank busting mode and fires several wild shots as the bandits close in on him. He’s surrounded, but then it turns out he was aiming at the snow covered mountain tops behind them which cause an avalanche and buries everyone. Before he gets buried, Oland manages to inform the leader of the bandits that nothing is going to stop them from delivering the much needed medical serum to the village, and when the bandit leader hears this, he commends Oland for being on such on honorable mission, as it turns out the bandit leader himself if from the village they are trying to reach!
Once everything clears up, Alice is angry that she allowed Oland to sacrifice himself like he did and that they lost a man on the mission. But it turns out that Oland was able to hang on to the bridge as it collapsed! They help him up, and with nothing left to stop them, they forge on and make in time to the town of Essan.

Interestingly enough, they showed that with the lantern on, Oland could still think for himself and still have some control over his body, and not just be a total zombie.


~ by 6six6 on December 13, 2006.

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