SRWOG – Divine Wars Stage 4

Wings of Disaster
Rai, gambling man
Tenzan Nakajima is given his first assignment even if his attitude is disrespectful to his superiors, and elsewhere Ingram is evaluating Ryusei’s performance during the combat simulation and is less than impressed, and even Aya is doubting herself as team captain. But Ingram still has confidence in her and informs her that they will have another training session against the tank brigade on a deserted island.

We than find ourselves on Mizutori Island and they are about the begin the training exercise against the Haruma Tank Squad when they receive an emergency distress call from a cargo ship being attacked by an unidentified aircraft. Turns out an acquaintance of Ingram’s by the name of Irm is on board to deliver a new model personnel trooper. Ingram decides to cancel the training session and changes it to a rescue mission to protect the cargo ship, ordering Rai & Ryusei to head out, and for Aya to stay behind.
Turns out the unidentified assailant is Tenzan Nakajima in his new golden DCAM-004 LION, which surprises everyone as no one knew that a flying personnel trooper existed. He toys with the cargo ship before setting his sights on the tank brigade and starts taking them out one by one just for fun. Rai takes out the two fighter jets that were accompanying Tenzan, and Ryusei gets there just in time to save the captain of the tank brigade, losing an arm to block a shot from Tenzan. He goes head to head with Tenzan, but can’t match the speed of the Lion. Just when it looks like Ryusei is about to buy the farm, Aya & Rai show up to lend him a hand, giving Tenzan a harsh reality check that even he has to know when he’s out-gunned, and making a run for it.
On the boat ride back to base, Ingram congratulates Aya on a job well done, and the captain of the tank brigade thanks Ryusei for saving him and his men, and gives him some words of encouragement as the ship sails off into the sunset.

Tenzan took a few hits, but at least he realized this isn’t a game when things got tough for him. I still want to see the bugger get shot down.


~ by 6six6 on December 21, 2006.

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