Pumpkin Scissors Ep.9: The Woman in the Morning Mist

Oreld the Heartbreaker

This was an Oreld heavy episode. Basically, one morning Oreld sees this girl in the morning mist on a bridge with a sad look on her face, and it turns out later that she works at the local gentlemen’s club that he frequents. He learns from the club madam that her name is Hannah and for some reason Oreld takes it upon himself to try and cheer her up.

He later finds out that she’s waiting for her boyfriend to return from the war, but the guy was killed in the line of duty and she refuses to believe it. So in the end, after doing some research on the guy, he confronts Hannah with the truth and the facts of what happened to her boyfriend, and how she needs to live her life for him who gave up his fighting for the freedom of his country and the ones he loved. She finally accepts the fate of her beloved, and by the looks of things, goes on to a normal life.

This was a non-action episode, but it does have to do with the war relief effort that the series pushes as there really are people in this world who wonder if their loved ones who went to war are still alive or not, and they live with that pain for all their lives till they can get a satisfactory answer.
I guess it’s good to see there’s more to Oreld than just the laid back playboy he portrays. And Machs & Stekkin make a cute couple, even if Stekkin does look like jailbait.


~ by 6six6 on December 22, 2006.

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