Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.10

Splashing Blood and Steam in a Shower of Love Pt.2

Maybe she has a future in forensics?

Continuing right after the previous episode, everyone is shocked to hear that the owner of the hot springs has been murdered, everyone except Sunako that is, who’s excited at the thought of a real murder scene. Unfortunately, she gets disappointed when it’s revealed that the guy isn’t dead, but just in critical condition and is sent to the hospital. That still doesn’t stop our gore aficionado from trying to get involved in the police investigation to check out the crime scene. She runs into the chef who’s covered in blood, and he tries to take her as a hostage, but Sunako makes short work of him and takes him out before asking if she could keep his blood stained shirt!

What every girl should know...

So the next morning after a close encounter with Kyouhei in a hot spring, Ranmaru explains what happened the previous night. He had an appointment with Sayuri, but when he went to meet her he found the her husband laying in a pool of blood, and despite all the contact he had with Sunako, was still shocked at the discovery and fled the scene in panic.
Sunako on the other hand has decided to take the investigation into her own hands and try to find the murder weapon after hearing that it wasn’t found yet. Kyouhei warns her to stay away from Sayuri as she gives off a bad vibe, but as soon as Sayuri approaches her with information on where the weapon could possibly be, she follows her right into a condemned storehouse that was due for demolition, and Sayuri ties her up for being too nosy and confesses the whole thing to her before locking her in and setting the storehouse on fire!
Back at the hotel, the guys notice the smoke from the fire, and they hear from the staff about the storehouse being due for demolition, and that Sunako was seen going in the direction of it with Sayuri earlier! And in the storehouse, Sunako contemplates her fate since she was again scared mentally by Sayuri calling her UGLY before locking her in! Fortunately, Kyouhei comes to her rescue (again) and they escape the burning building. They immediately accuse Sayuri of attempted murder, and when Sayuri thinks she’s off the hook, it turns out when she made her confession that Sunako had caught the whole thing on tape! Despite having feelings for Sayuri, even Ranmaru backs up Sunako after hearing Sayuri call Sunako ugly on the tape.
So alls well ends well for everyone, except Noi, who’s annoyed that she couldn’t get her fantasy holiday with Takenaga. He makes it up to her though, and the show ends with both girls in a state of shock as even Sunako was reminded of what happened between her and Kyouhei during the ping pong battle.


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