Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.9

Splashing Blood and Steam in a Shower of Love Pt.1

Hiroshi, ever the observer

An acquaintance of Ranmaru invites the gang for a free holiday at a hot spring. Playboy that he is, Ranmaru obviously has stronger feelings for this lady by the name of Sayuri who’s husband owns the hot spring. Sunako thought she had a chance to have the mansion to herself with the guys gone, but Noi kidnaps her to come along with them so she can have Sunako to distract the rest of the guys so she can have some quality time with Takenaga. As you can expect, things like this never go as planned.

Ping Pong Death Match

The highlight of this episode was the ping pong battle between Kyouhei & Sunako, and the two had a real war of the paddles which ended in the most bizarre manner possible! So Sunako has a nosebleed and collapses, and Kyouhei brings her to her room and accompanies her till she wakes up, and together they hear a scream and see Ranmaru running off into the night, before another scream is heard and the owner of the hot springs is found dead in his room! Sunako gets all excited, and we end the show with Takenaga doing a bad karaoke session filmed by Yuki and cheered on by Noi.Yay for less Chibi Sunako. Part 2 Coming Soon.


~ by 6six6 on December 25, 2006.

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