Black Lagoon #19: Fujiyama Gangsta’s Paradise

Dog Days

There are just so many things I enjoyed about this episode!
Most of it had to do with listening to Revy, Rock and Balalaika speaking in English, since that’s how they would actually communicate while in Roanapur and they showed them speaking English with each other most of the time here in Japan.

Basically, Rock and Revy are accompanying Balalaika on a business trip to Japan where Rock is working as Balalaika’s translator. Hotel Moscow is planning on opening a branch in Japan and look to work together with one of the local yakuza groups to get it off the ground. Of course in the back of her mind, Balalaika has other ideas.
Once they were done for the day, Rock and Revy visit a new year’s carnival and Revy is actually enjoying herself for a bit till she accuses a vendor of cheating at one of the games and causes a big scene. This leads to them meeting Gin and Yukio, who calm things down and Rock gets to know Yukio a bit while Revy scowls.
Balalaika on the other hand, still taking care of business with the fellow Russians in Tokyo who don’t agree with her military way of doing things. Balalaika could give a rats ass what they think.
Turns out Gin and Yukio are related to the yakuza group Balalaika is doing business with, but they are growing wary of Balalaika’s tactics and acting group leader Bando tries to convince Gin to rejoin the group, but he of course rejects the offer, but hearing that the Russians have a Japanese translator with a tough woman by his side catches his interest.
Elsewhere, Rock leaves Revy to wait for him at a playground while he runs an errand. This leads to a rather funny moment where she plays gunmen with a group of kids and shows them what it’s really like to die when you get shot, only Rock sees it all leading to a very embarrassing moment for our Ms. Rebecca Two Hands!
Turns out Rock was trying to visit his family, but no one is home. Revy wonders to herself why Rock doesn’t just stay behind since the place suits him as the show ends.The usual calm before the storm episode, and like I already mentioned, I really enjoyed the English speaking bits of the show. Revy & Rock’s voice actors still have a heavy Japanese accent, but Balalaika is really spot on, even having a Russian accent to her English!

I also would like to note that Revy seems to defy the laws of anime in this episode, as when the tough girl blushes, it’s supposed to be cute, but Revy just looks DRUNK!

~ by 6six6 on January 10, 2007.

One Response to “Black Lagoon #19: Fujiyama Gangsta’s Paradise”

  1. Could Rei Hiroe(he’s the creator of Black Lagoon)explain us what exactly happened to Rock’s parents? Are they alive,or something horrible has happened to them?Their absence gives me the odd feeling that Kageyama might have orderd their murder,and that should look as “accident” just for a cover-up.Whatever happened we have to know,if the latter did will Rock find the truth?Will Revy stay on his side cementing and admitting her love for him?I want nice developments between Revy and Rock.
    Revy and Rock!I love them.
    Questions we ought to think,and Hiroe has to answer for:Were the Okajima’s told their son “was dead”?If so what was their reaction?Did they demand explanations about Rock’s “death”,and compensations as well?About how much far would the unscrupulous (and maybe trickster!)Kageyama go just to ensure the dirty deals and cover ups of Asahi industries?!Even ordering a murder that would seem as “accident”?!
    Rock still thinks he knows how they’re going!But actually he doesn’t know anything!Then who knows?kageyama?Will Hiroe ever reveal us…?
    Hm,will the Iranians enter Roanapur?I don’t think Balalaika would be pleased to encounter Qassem Suleimani.He’s so Tough,so tricky!

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