Black Lagoon #20: The Succession


Another meeting with the Japanese, and we’re introduced to Chaka, a loudmouth who takes a liking to Revy after hearing that she’s a gunman from Roanapur and Rock’s bodyguard. He tries to hit on her, and even tries to provoke her by beating up Rock in front of her, but both Rock and Revy know better. Revy decides to put in an order with Benny to send over her guns, in other words, this guy is f*cked.

After calling up Benny and asking him to send over Revy’s cutlass (guns), Rock runs into Yukio and the two have tea together. It’s there that Rock finds out that Yukio is related to the yakuza group that Balalaika is dealing with. And Bando doesn’t like the direction Hotel Moscow is heading, and takes it upon himself to try and assassinate Balalaika, but he’s no match for her and she tells him the truth about her plans before snapping his neck in front of Rock.
So it turns out that Yukio is the heir to the Washimine group that Balalaika is out to wipe out, and Gin is her bodyguard as well as the appointed leader of the group until Yukio comes of age. Everyone now realizes that there’s a big storm brewing and trouble is on the way.

Chaka = F*cked. ‘Nuff said.


~ by 6six6 on January 10, 2007.

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