Black Lagoon #21: Two Father’s Little Soldier Girls

Deadly Duo

We learn that Balalaika went from aspiring Olympic sharpshooter, to military kapitan el supreme, and after the fall of the Soviet Union, she got into the underworld mafia business to avenge the death of a colleague. That was then, and this is now, and she plans on annihilating the local yakuzas to cease power in Japan.

Balalaika’s target, Yukio on the other hand has decided to take her place as leader of the Washimine group and cut off Balalaika before she can do more damage. The first order of business is sending Gin out to gather information from the other Russian group in town, and he makes short work of them with his sword against their guns.
After Revy collects her guns from customs (?!), Rock convinces her to help him to save Yukio from being a victim of Balalaika’s hitlist. She reluctantly agrees, knowing they are in way over their head against Hotel Moscow. Yukio on the other hand arrives home to find Chaka and his gang there. Apparently, they think they have something to gain from Hotel Moscow if they take Yukio hostage.
Rock and Revy arrive too late as Chaka and his men have already fled the scene with Yukio. Gin shows up and almost takes off Revy’s head, but realizes it wasn’t her gun that killed Yoshida. Rock convinces him to work with them as they know who took Yukio judging from the bullet wounds on Yoshida’s body.
Gin shows them the way, and when they get there, all Hell is about to break loose.

I wonder what courier service Benny used to get Revy’s guns to Japan so quickly?


~ by 6six6 on January 10, 2007.

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