Black Lagoon #22: The Dark Tower

She makes that sound sexy

If you’ve patiently been waiting past all the build up for the big blood bath, than you’ll be justly rewarded with this episode as Revy and Gin waste no time in laying waste to Chaka’s gang as soon as they enter the bowling alley.

Chaka tries to make a run for it with Yukio, but Rock surprisingly is able to rescue Yukio Conan the Barbarian-style. As the slaughter continues, Chaka realizes he could be in over his head till he gets what he wants: a one-on-one gunfight with Revy! Unfortunately, Revy doesn’t play by his rules and instead leads him right to Gin to finish him off. Gin surprises everyone when he actually splits a bullet with his katana before literally disarming Chaka leaving him in the swimming pool to drown to death since he can’t swim without any hands!
Elsewhere, Rock thinks his good deed for the day is done, but gets a harsh lecture from Yukio on the reality of the situation both of them are in. Yukio actually twists the scenario around and accuses Rock of just trying to save himself by thinking he can clean his slate by saving her. Rock can see how Yukio is going down the road to being the next Balalaika, and there’s nothing he can do about it.
Back at the pool, after watching Chaka drown, Revy is impressed by Gin’s ability to split a fired bullet earlier, and urges him to do it again. Gin doesn’t go for it though. They meet up with Rock & Yukio and leave the bowling alley, Yukio coldly telling Rock she hopes they never meet again. Meanwhile, Balalaika and Hotel Moscow are planning their next move, and Rock is left dumbfounded by Yukio’s words.


~ by 6six6 on January 11, 2007.

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