Black Lagoon #23: Snow White’s Payback

He just needs some fresh air is all...

Balalaika’s plan to crush the Washimine group is in full effect as she deploys multiple strike teams to takes out the senior and commanding members of the group all over the city. Meanwhile Rock is sulking it up about how he couldn’t “save” Yukio which leads to another chat with Revy on the facts of life.

Elsewhere, Yukio and Gin try to call a truce with the Kouza group but it falls on death ears, so they decide to take the fight straight to Hotel Moscow on their own. With what they were able to gather from what’s left of surveillance tapes of places that were hit, they manage to get the police chasing the vans carrying the Hotel Moscow troops by robbing banks with a van that has the same markings!
Rock and Revy meet up with Balalaika for one more translating job, and Rock builds up the nerve to ask Balalaika to stop the decimation of the Washimine group when she tells him they are going to cut a deal with the Kouza group. Balalaika gets fed up of Rock’s whining everyone ends up in an uncompromising position. After a tense few moments, Rock is able to amuse Balalaika enough to let him live, and after Revy gives him a piece of her mind, he asks her to again accompany him to his old neighbourhood.
They sit at the park and have a long chat about Rock’s life until the kids show up and ask Revy to show them her sharp-shooting skills again, only they don’t expect her to do it with a real gun! After scaring the kids, Rock and Revy move on, while elsewhere, Yukio and Gin arm up for their eventual confrontation with Hotel Moscow.

One more episode and we’re done!


~ by 6six6 on January 16, 2007.

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