Black Lagoon #24: The Gunslingers

Balalaika's gift to Rock

Yukio stops Gin from sneaking out in the middle of the night to single handedly hunt down Balalaika. The next morning Rock is on the job with Balalaika for their meeting with the Kouza group, and Rock uses reverse psychology on Balalaika and asks her to totally destroy the Washimine group in hopes that it would drive Yukio out of the yakuza business. Balalaika likes it and thinks Rock is finally seeing the light.

So the meeting with the Kouza group goes on as scheduled, and Balalaika enquires as to the firearms the Kouza group is using, and asks to see the guns of the bodyguard to the Kouza boss. Balalaika plays up being insulted by the atrocious firearms they carry and use them to slaughter the Kouza leader and anyone else unlucky enough to be associated with them! Funny enough, the police were right outside and were about to arrest Balalaika, but held back as she apparently has diplomatic immunity or something. Rock on the other hand has to make a mad dash and escape on the back of a speeding motorcycle with Revy.
Rock asks Revy to bring them to meet Yukio, as Balalaika told him earlier that all attacks on the Washimine group will cease, but there are rumors of Yukio wanting to bring the group to Roanapur! There isn’t any time however, as they have to race to the boat to get out of Japan before the authorities take action against the Russians. Unfortunately they literally do run into Gin and Yukio, who run them down in their van before taking Rock hostage to bring them to the Russians! Revy doesn’t give up on her man though, and after commandeering a big rig truck, we get a chase scene similar to the one from the Terminator 2 movie!
With a little help from Rock, the chase comes to an end, and we’re left with a showdown between Revy and Gin! You’d think a sharpshooter like Revy would have little trouble against a guy with a sword, but I get the feeling she may have deliberately dumbed down her attack a bit since she even missed at near point blank range! But to his credit, Gin was able to split a bullet again, and hacked one of Revy’s guns to bits. But when it looks like Revy was done for, she was able to squeeze out the win and take out Gin. Yukio is distraught that all her plans are out the window and Gin is dead, and despite Revy’s warnings, Rock witnesses as Yukio takes her own life.
So with a little help from Dutch and some counterfeit passports, Rock and Revy are able to get back to Roanapur and back to their outlaw lifestyles. Rock and Benny have a little chat about life on while Eda eggs on Revy about spending so much time alone with Rock these past few days, yet the two never hit the sack! Parting words to end the series from Revy:
I really hope there’s a third season in the works as this ranks as probably one of my all time favorite anime series. They finally changed the ending theme for this one too, to a rocking industrial metal track.

Yay for me. I just finished blogging my first series!


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One Response to “Black Lagoon #24: The Gunslingers”

  1. Ok, let me start off by saying I don’t know much about anime. I really don’t watch it compared to most anime fans. I probably couldn’t name more than five shows off the top of my head. Well that being said, luck would have it that Black Lagoon would be one of the first animes I watched. And DAMN if it wasn’t KICK ASS! This show really got me into the whole ‘anime’ thing. If you see any of my art on my site, or DeviArt it reflects this. Anyway, instead of just watching all episodes in one night, I decided to drag it out. One episode every couple of days or maybe one time a week. Well after a couple months I finished it. And I have to say it was sad to see the series end. And even sadder to realize that it would be months or years before they released another season. And I am not patient when it comes to these things.
    -Liked how they snuck that last bit in after the credits. So I thought “Oh so that’s why Revy was so nice to him…”

    10/10 Why’d it have to end?

    #1 Fav anime

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