Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.11

We’re in the middle of studying right now

Is this the end of our heroine?

The word of the day is “chu”, or kiss. With Sunako trying to mentally block out the incident from the hot springs trip where she swapped spit with Kyouhei but is tormented as she hears the word “chu” everywhere. Add to that, she’s failing at math despite being good at everything else at school, and the landlady has challenged the guys to get her to get at least an 80 on her next test and they will only have to pay half of the rent for the month if they succeed!

With the help of the others, Takenaga offers his services to help tutor Sunako since he’s an ace at math, but Sunako is just really bad at it, and they soon find out that the other guys aren’t so good at it either! So it ends up with Kyouhei trying to force Sunako to study for the exam, and in the end he challenges her to see who can get the higher score between them. Sunako isn’t at all interested in the challenge, but Kyouhei goes into nerd mode to study anyway to show her that it can be done if she puts her mind to it. The downside being all the girls at school who fancy Kyouhei as the sexy beast that he is are now crying and melting at the sight of their hero decked out in nerd gear and totally ignoring them! Noi than finds out that despite the fact that they have to study, the guys still get Sunako to do all the cooking and cleaning up around the mansion, so she convinces them to do the chores instead and give Sunako the chance to study, and they agree, with Yuki voluteering to do the cooking. But Yuki is a TERRIBLE cook and everyone ends up taking the test the next day on an empty stomach.
Based on her notes she wrote down on her question paper, Takenaga deduces that Sunako scored a perfect score for the exam! Unfortunately she freaks out when she is again reminded of the lip-lock she had with Kyouhei, and runs all the way up to the roof and decides to end her life! Before she jumps, Kyouhei is able to bring her to her senses by forcing her to kiss a fake skull just to show her that a kiss doesn’t really mean anything if she doesn’t want it be. She finally calms down, and everyone finds peace knowing they’ve got half off the rent with Sunako’s perfect passing grade. That is, until the teacher shows up and tells them that despite all her correct answers, she wrote them down in the wrong columns on the answering sheet, giving her a failing score! Mass misery follows!


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