Pumpkin Scissors Ep.10: Pumpkins and Scissors

Pumkins and Scissors, Gettit?

Kicks off in the middle of a battle and Orland once again saves the day by single handedly taking out a tank, though they don’t show us much of it. Cut to the next day when Stekkin is helping Oland to sew his uniform back together and she explains the short history of Section III to him, how she was the longest serving member with Captain Hunks, and was then joined by Oreld, Machs and Alice.

Things basically picked up for Section III when Machs was assigned there after quitting his old unit due to the corruption of the officer in charge, Major Ranke. Machs runs into Oreld, an old acquaintance at a bar who talked him into joining Section III since they deal with war relief, and he isn’t really happy at first since they do petty tasks like handling soup kitchen duties for the poor. Than Alice joins and things really get ugly as she bosses them around as their superior officer, taking every job just a bit too seriously, and Machs and Oreld view her more as a spoiled brat being used as an ornament by the army since she’s of nobility.
The major turning point for Section III came when Alice decided they should arrest Maj. Ranke for his corruption. They confront Ranke, and since he outranks them, he tries to get them accused of treason, and orders them to be shot on sight. Machs ends up taking a bullet for Alice, and Section III ends up arresting Ranke and getting the evidence they need to put him away. Section III was taken more seriously after that incident, and it was Alice who came up with the Pumpkin Scissors name and what it stands for.
And thus ends Olands quick history lesson on Section III.This episode brought to you by



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