Strike Witches Premium 1

Girls with guns and freaky leg-wear

It’s a rather silly premise, the world is destroyed in a great war with an unknown enemy, so mankind develops a new weapon that fuses magic and technology, and of course they can only be piloted by young girls who grow cat/dog/bunny ears and tails once they combine with the equipment!There isn’t really much of a story to tell with the eight and a half minutes given, and a minute and a half of that is the ending credits with a plain black background. It actually feels more like a movie trailer since things go by rather quickly. We learn about the great war and the new technology, than we see the Witches in action, but not against the great enemy, but in a training battle against each other! Supposedly the main character is Miyafuji, and she’s hesitant to fire on her comrades even if it is a training mission, so she gets chewed out by her commanding officer (who has a SWORD!) and Miyafuji is about to call it quits till she runs into Maggiore, who reminds her what she’s there for, to protect the world! And so Miyafuji goes back where she is easily welcomed back by her comrades.

Hopefully someone subs the OVA when it comes out so we get more than this.

She can handle my bazooka anytime!

Next to the commanding officer, this bazooka goth girl is my favorite even if she was only on screen for a few seconds!


~ by 6six6 on January 22, 2007.

One Response to “Strike Witches Premium 1”

  1. o_o…Omg Sanya Is My fave To….:D….GO SANYA ANS EILA

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