Kyo no 5 no 2 OVA 3

Stupid is as Stupid does

Everyone’s favorite group of 11-year olds are back with more over the top daily life school day situations chop full of the usual sexual innuendos!


Libraries aren't that bad?

Chika wants to get a book on a high shelf but can’t reach it, so of course she convinces Ryouta if she can sit on his shoulders to grab the book. Ryouta reluctantly agrees and Chika fools around a bit while she’s up there leading Ryouta collapsing from the weight and the girls end up in an embarrassing position. Of course after that embarrassing situation they then realized that they could have easily grabbed a chair to use to get the book!

Surprise Checkup

Guess what the tape is for...

It’s a cold day at school and the girls are at the school doctor’s office to warm up. Yuki than gets the idea to play a game of “surprise checkup”, and the doctor leaves them alone to give them some privacy! Elsewhere, Ryouta caught a cold and decided to go see the school doctor about, only he isn’t prepared for what he finds there and gets a tape measurer in the face for it!
After the next period, Ryouta decides to try his luck at the doctor’s office again, thinking the girls should have left by now, but of course they are still there, and he again runs into them playing their little game even though Chika was standing guard at the door! The lesson here? KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER!



Chika tricks Ryouta into eating a piece of chalk, and it pisses him off that he insults the Valentine chocolates she gave him, which makes her even more angry at him. He begs for her forgiveness during PE class, and she says he’ll forgive him if he kisses her! And he actually goes through with it but Chika’s response isn’t exactly what he was expecting. But she forgives him as long he gets her something for White Day. This scenario wasn’t as far fetched as what they usually pull and was rather cute, save for the chalk eating part cause I’ve actually know a few guys from my highschool days that ate chalk to help them kick the habit of smoking. It didn’t work.

Skirt Lifting

Is it really that common over there?

Chika and Yuki decide to do a study on what age boys quit doing skirt lifting after 2 kids lift their skirts in the hallway. They get various answers from the girls, and when they get to the guys, Ryouta says he’s never done it before, which the others find really odd. They try to dig him for the truth, and Ryouta almost falls over on his seat, and accidentally kicks up the girls’ skirts as he tries to keep his balance! He doesn’t know what he’s done, and the girls help him up only to knock his lights out! The girls stomp off in a fit, but Kouji recognizes what Ryouta did as the legendary overhead skirt lifting technique!
Seriously, is kids lifting up girls skirts that common in Japan?!?

Cat Foot

Here kitty kitty...

The girls are all bubbly over a cat they saw on their way to school. Ryouta doesn’t see what the fuss is all about as he prefers dogs and fails to see the whole point in caring for cats who don’t give back the same affection as dogs do. He also doesn’t get their obsession with the way the bottom of a cat’s paw feels, and the girls try to demonstrate it for him but can’t quite find the right feeling as they press and squeeze each other in various places to find what matches best. Surprisingly, the cat they were talking about has followed them to school and showed up in their class, so the girls take the opportunity to let Ryouta feel it’s foot pads. The end result does not turn out well.

This was a lot of (not so) innocent fun, much like the last two episodes. It was definitely better than the second one too. Why they couldn’t just make it a regular series like Azumanga Daioh or something is beyond me.


~ by 6six6 on January 26, 2007.

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