Pumpkin Scissors Ep.11: The Quiet Quickening

the pic is blurry cause it's being seen from the point of view of the cameraman.

Section III get featured in the local national newspaper for their war relief work, and a quote by Alice gets mixed reviews from the public as some praise their work while others think it’s just a form of self-satisfaction for a nobleman like Alice. There’s more to it than that though, as the reporter recognizes Oland’s 13mm Door Knocker gun and pays a visit to Dr. Colt, the Father of Tanks to tell him about what he’s seen.

The next day while walking to HQ, Alice gets kidnapped by a girl named Cecile and her two companions, with the intention of using Alice to get a manuscript written by Cecile’s late brother published in the newspaper, and Alice is surprised that the manuscript is regarding a government cover-up of the Invisible 9!
It doesn’t end there though, as while the rest of Section III find out about Alice’s kidnapping through Lord Schultz, Muse Kauplan pays Dr. Colt a visit, and after finding out about the reporter and what he told Colt about the person carrying the Door Knocker, she has the doctor killed and made to look like an accident!
Alice meanwhile gets forced to submit to the wishes of her captures when they threaten to harm her sisters if she doesn’t assist them to get the manuscript published in the papers.


~ by 6six6 on February 3, 2007.

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