Pumpkin Scissors Ep.12: The Unseen Pain

Not a happy ending...

Dalton the reporter shows up at Section III HQ and enquires if Alice has been found yet. Hunks brushes him off till he informs them of the death of Dr. Colt, the Father of Tanks and it shouldn’t be any coincidence since he just met him the previous day to ask about the 13mm Door Knocker he saw Oland holstering. This of course gets the interest of Hunks and the others, and Hunks admits that he met Muse Kauplan not too long ago with regards to the Invisible 9, but that he’d keep it to himself since he knew it wouldn’t be good if word got out about the project. Alice than suddenly shows up out of the blue much to the surprise of everyone!

Dalton is dismissed, and Alice informs Hunks and the others about the manuscript her kidnappers want made public, but didn’t inform them about the threat to her sisters they made. Oland and Oreld than show up and are surprised to see Alice there, and they just figured out that they gave Dalton some information that they should have kept to themselves on the way in.
Turns out they told Dalton the whereabouts of Alice’s kidnappers, and he goes to meet them there and make them an offer for the manuscript. Cecile is reluctant to sell the manuscript, so her comrades knock her out and sell the manuscript to Dalton anyway. But Dalton’s editor won’t print the manuscript without more proof, so he goes out to get it, but he doesn’t know that his editor is in cahoots with Muse Kauplan!
When she regains consciousness, Cecile stumbles into the bar she works at looking for her two companions who backstabbed her. She accuses Alice of sending Dalton to scam them, but Alice convinces her otherwise. Meanwhile, Cecile’s companions are killed by a hired assassin. Dalton than shows up at the bar looking for Cecile, and is surprised to see Alice and Oland with her. The trio try to talk Dalton into returning the manuscript, but just as he’s about to imply that Oland is the missing link to the Invisible 9, he gets killed by a sniper shot. Oland and Alice confront the assassin and Oland tries fighting him without the use of his lamp, but had to use it eventually and is able to take him down with an assist from Alice. But before they can question him, he swallows a poison pill and kills himself.
Oland is hurt, but tells Alice and Cecile to go to the newspaper office to get the manuscript back. They meet Hunks, Oreld and Machs there, but the editor plays it dumb and says that manuscript has disappeared! We than get a sinister scene featuring Alice’s fiance in a private meeting with an unseen person, promising the rebirth of the country soon.
Back at Section III HQ, Alice vows to get to the bottom of what’s happening, but Cecile has lost hope and doesn’t believe in her preaching. So things end on a somber mood.


~ by 6six6 on February 5, 2007.

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