Pumpkin Scissors Ep.13: Rough Yet Delicious

How many commoners has she kissed?!?

A more laid back episode this time. Princess Septieme of Loderia is coming to pay Section III a visit since they apprehended a smuggler from their country and they want to negotiate his return to avoid an international incident. Problem is, as soon as they reach the train station, the princess makes a run for it to escape from her butler/bodyguard/guardian type person and runs into Machs who’s on his day off from work.

Turns out Machs and Oreld were there looking for a certain hot dog stand that seemed to have closed down due to rising taxes. Oreld dumped Machs there in favor of going on a date with a pretty lady, and Septieme ran into Machs in the men’s room while she was trying to get away from her handler. Machs doesn’t believe she’s a princess, but decides to tag along to keep an eye on her as they both have the same goal of looking for that hot dog stand.
They get a lead as to where the stand might be after visiting the Imperial Tax Office, but at the same time Machs learns the ugly side of the princess who has little trust in people since she comes from a cut throat family of siblings who aren’t above exploiting weakness or even killing each other so they can someday claim the throne of the kingdom. They manage to find the hot dog vendor still doing business in the slum part of town, and after their meal, the princess threatens to report the vendor running an illegal business if he doesn’t give them the meal for free, seeing how Machs was a little short on cash. Machs had enough of her attitude at this point and pays for the meal before lecturing her. She again defends her actions due to her upbringing, especially being mentally scarred when one of her maids died due to poison meant for her, before running off, but into the really bad part of town. It isn’t long until she runs into a few goons, and her shouting about her nobility status doesn’t help matters either. Luckily Machs shows up to save the day and takes out the two thugs right before Alice and Stekkin show up.
At HQ the next day Machs learns that Septieme is a real princess, and she shows up at the office to discuss the release of the smuggler. In the end she agrees to let them hold on to the culprit so long as Machs becomes her escort whenever she comes to town! And this is after she plants a big kiss on him! On the train ride back, her butler remarks at how she’s matured. But back at Section III HQ, Machs gets ribbed by the others about his kiss with the princess!

And where was Oland during all of this? He was confined to a hospital bed to heal up his injuries from the previous episode, but I guess the best way to put it was that he was living in fear of Nurse Rosetta still Hell bent on trying to get a urine sample from the big guy!


~ by 6six6 on February 8, 2007.

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