Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.13

Oui, Monsieur!

Broadway it ain't.

The guys finally did it! They turned Sunako into an elegant lady! Well, not quite…

The reason behind Sunako’s miraculous transformation was some mushrooms she ate that was given to Yuki by the Goth Loli Sisters. Unfortunately, the price the guys pay for Sunako turning away from the darkness and being all sweet and girl-like is that her cooking has taken a turn for the worse! Which of course upsets the always hungry Kyouhei, and the guys also find themselves a little embarrassed around the new Sunako.

The truth at last?

They decide they need to change her back, and the only way they can think of is to have Kyouhei kiss her and traumatize her back to her old self! Kyouhei refuses since he still prefers the free rent they will get since Sunako is now a lady, so they convince Takenaga to try for it instead. Takenaga couldn’t do the deed since he felt he was cheating on Noi-chan, so the guys again try to convince Kyouhei to do it. Kyouhei eventually decides on his own that he does like the old Sunako better and does try to kiss her, but she slaps him so he orders her to go prepare dinner.
Just when the guys think they are doomed to forever eat bad food, Sunako surprises them by cooking a great tasting meal! Kyouhei is so pleased that he thanks her by giving her a big hug! Big mistake though, as it’s enough to pop her back to her old self and she passes out! When she wakes up, she finds Kyouhei in her room watching horror her films.

Happy couple...

The two of them sit down together to watch the movie as Kyouhei remarks that he prefers her that way, while the others wonder if perhaps they should give her another mushroom?


~ by 6six6 on February 12, 2007.

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