Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Ep.1

The Dark Law Chapter – Night 1 – The Demon Hour

Yeah, that is a long title ain't it?

A school girl is attacked and killed by a bunch of zombies who suck her dry of fluids. She later comes back to life as a zombie herself and escapes from the morgue to join up with the other zombies. And that’s just the beginning of our story here.

Skip to a regular day at a local high school in a class where Ms. Maria the hot english teacher spears mops at students who doze off in class. A bunch of thugs then show up to call out the sleepy head transfer student Tatsuma Hiyuu and the hot blooded sword carrying Kyouichi Houraiji, who make short work of them. We then find out from the resident school reporter Anko Tohno that the delinquent duo have been spending their after school hours with the unlikely company of Student Council President Misato Aoi, archery team captain Komaki Sakurai and wrestling team captain Yuuya Daigo. Kyouichi denies everything, but we all know better don’t we?
Jump to later that evening, and Tatsuma and Kyouichi are on their way to visit an old man by the name of Yang, but Yang and his cohorts are attacked and killed by the zombies before they get there. Turns out some giant demon is using the zombies as puppets to feed on the fluids of the living.
The next day the gang meet up in their secret hiding place with another member by the name of Muttsuri Kisaragi, and they discuss what they’ve learned even if Kyouichi isn’t much of a team player and berates Misato for never getting physically involved in their demon hunting after school activities. They get some additional information from Tohno on the girl that was recently killed, they wager that her ex-boyfriend could be next, and hit the nail on the head as they show up just in time to save him from the zombie horde. Tohno actually witnesses them doing battle with the giant demon, but Misato shows she actually does have some abilities by wiping Tohno’s memory clean of what she saw.
While Tatsuma and Kyouichi chase after the demon, we than see several monks battling two other demons at an old temple. Their main target being this really powerful psycho chick by the name of Claire. Back to the guys and they’ve chased the demon back to it’s hive where they battle countless zombies before Kyouichi is able to sever the demon’s control over them. The demon than blows up the place to try and escape, but Tatsuma finishes the job and vanquishes the demon.
The next day, the police recover all the bodies of the zombies while Misato anguishes over not being able to protect all of them. We see Kyouichi at Yang’s now destroyed apartment, a detective who was investigating the mysterious deaths looking over some files with pictures of the demon hunting school kids in them, the two monks who lead the attack on the two demons at the temple also survived their encounter, and finally Tatsuma is at the memorial site where the murdered school girl was found.

For a first episode, this was just all over the place as they jumped here and there without any explanation of what’s going on. Guess they are saving the explanations for later episodes.


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  1. It’s beautiful movie in the Tokyo please gave me a chance for watching the Tokyo Majin!!!?

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