Free NUDE Ringo Figure!

Ringo's box...hehe...

Coming from a small piss-ant town in Sarawak, it’s hard to get into the figure collecting scene since there aren’t any suppliers. So what’s a guy to do? Spend hundreds of yen to order them online? Seek out friends in far and distant lands to get their assistance? In my case, I just wait to get them FREE. More pictures (and some bad photography) after the jump.

So where do I get my FREE figures? Shameless plug as it is, through Hobby Magazine that you can get in most bookstores around here. This particular gem came with the November 2006 issue that I bought a couple of weeks back. Yeah, the issues come out a bit dated here, but that just makes the magazines cheaper (RM19.00), even better when you consider they include the free gifts.


So here’s the assembled figure out of the box. Your supposed to paint it yourself, but since I suck at coloring figures, I’ll just let her stand there. NUDE.


These are some of the other free figures I’ve gotten over the past year. Not bad for free stuff, eh?


~ by 6six6 on February 25, 2007.

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