Juusoukikou Dancouga Nova Ep.1

Mission -01- The Mysterious Dancouga

Yay! Another giant robo anime!

Can you believe the luck of some people? Take for example the odd foursome of champion F-01 race driver Aoi Hidaka, drug control officer Kurara Tachibana, salaryman Johnny Barnett, and Sakuya Kamon, a homeless bum, who were selected and picked up to be the next pilots for Dancouga Nova! They’ll be paid lavishly for their services in addition to being able to go about their own everyday lives as normal, and they don’t even need any special training to pilot Dancouga cause the information was programmed into their heads while they were asleep! It also doesn’t hurt that the gang even like the feeling they get after being sent on their first mission out of the blue and they kick butt without even trying. So yeah, these are four really lucky SOBs.

Jealous rant aside, I’ve never really watched the original Dancouga series that came out in 1985, but I do know the robot from playing the Super Robot Wars video games series, and he was one of the best giant robots to use if memory serves me correctly. I’m guessing the big difference between this series and the original is all the additional eye candy thrown in there, other than Aoi and Kurara, there’s also the hyper genki Ruuriruri and the rather boobalicious head mechanic, Seimy. Judging from the opening, there’s also a few more females to be introduced as the series goes on.
This new telling of the story is that some time in the future the world is on the brink of war amongst the nations, and the only thing stopping the war from breaking out is Dancouga Nova, who swoops in out of the heavens to always help the weaker side even the odds. So if Dancouga helps one side get an advantage over the other, he’ll come back again later to even things out so no side has a clear advantage of winning! Sounds troublesome, don’t it?
Anyways, Dancouga also requires four pilots to control it, and these pilots work on a contract basis, and when their contract expires, new pilots are found, which is where our fab foursome come in and the adventure begins.
So far the animation is good, and I dig the opening theme. Should be interesting to see what the long term storyline is here, cause they just can’t keep bouncing back and forth between sides all the time now can they?


~ by 6six6 on March 12, 2007.

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