Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.14

The Beauty of the Sleeping Woods


There’s a new opening video for the show, and it’s more homophobic inducing than the first one. Don’t think so? Check this out.
Ranmaru shocks everyone when he asks them what they think if he settles down with just one woman? Turns out his parents are setting up an arranged marriage for him with a well off girl. Ranmaru of course realizes it’s a bad idea and enlists the guys help to ruin the marriage meeting. The guys are also willing to help since they don’t want the girl who’s never been with a guy before to be tainted into thinking all guys are like Ranmaru! Things get a bit ugly in the mansion when Ranmaru considers using the bad characteristics of the other guys to scare off his potential bride.

Ranmaru shows up to the meeting dressed up like a punk with Kyouhei’s bad attitude. That doesn’t work, so he tries Yukinori’s cowardly attitude, and when that doesn’t work he tries Takenaga’s strict attitude. Strike 3 and he’s out! But Ranmaru actually finds himself attracted to the girl, Kikunoi Tanao, and finds himself thinking about her more than he’d like. She shows up at the mansion to return something he left back at the restaurant, and he tries to seduce her but that doesn’t work.
The next day he goes out with one of his many “kittens”, and the girl again shows up at the mansion to give him a gift, and she waits for him all evening till he gets back from his date to see him with another woman. Ranmaru decides to test himself by hitting on Sunako, which of course doesn’t go well when Sunako kicks his ass, but it does prove to himself that he isn’t attracted to just any woman.
So the next day he decides to give it a shot by meeting the girl at her private school, but he left his handphone behind so the guys decide to call all his girls and have them meet at the school where Ranmaru is. So of course just as Ranmaru is about to make his move, the girls all show up and give him a piece of their mind for even considering sticking with one girl, and so his image appears to be tarnished. But the girl had made up her mind instead to change herself into the type of girl that would win Ranmaru’s attention!



~ by 6six6 on March 12, 2007.

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