Pumpkin Scissors Ep.14: The Flame Still Burns

One BBQ coming up...

The latest assignment of Section III is the relocation of hundreds of war refugees living in the sewer system and getting them up to the surface where jobs have been provided for them to help make a living. Things don’t go so smoothly though, as a number of people refuse to leave and it turns out it’s because they are addicted to a drug called “Himmel” (Heaven in German?), and they won’t leave because their suppliers are the guys running the sewer system and won’t sell it to them if they leave. So what are Alice and the guys to do?

They arrest the culprits selling the dope, but since the company that runs the sewer system and water works also happens to be a benefactor of the military, so he easily comes to bail them out every time they get arrested, and Hunks even gets a warning from the military higher ups not to mess with them. But Hunks informs Alice that as long as they go by the book, they can arrest them as many times as necessary, which they do and at the same time put a big hole in the pocket of the sewer plant owner who has to keep paying to bail his men out.
He finally had it with Section III and gives his men some high grade rifles to deal with the Pumpkin Scissors, as well as unleashing his hired gun by the name of Hans, who fried several soldiers at the beginning of the episode with his flame thrower, which is currently banned for military use. The drug pushers set a trap for Pumpkin Scissors gang and Oland almost blows off the face of one of them when he switches on Tank Bustin’ mode. Things come to a Mexican Stand-Off when Alice’s spider sense tingles and they come face to face with Hans.

Cliffhanger Ending!


~ by 6six6 on March 19, 2007.

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