Pumpkin Scissors Ep.15: Astray Decisions

901 meets 908

Continuing from where we left off in the previous episode, Hans fries the guys who were on his side, and ends up in a face-off with big Oland. He recognizes Oland’s lantern, and it turns out Hans himself was from the 908-HTT team, so the two of them have a related past. But before he can find out anymore, the sewer system gets flooded in an attempt to silence everyone, and Section III just manage to escape out through the sewer opening. Oland ends up in the hospital again and refuses to tell Alice what he and Hans were discussing during the sewer face-off.

Oland gets a surprise visit from Dr. Kauplan at the hospital, and the two seem to know each other as Kauplan helps treat Oland’s injuries and run a few tests on the big man in the buff while he asks her about the 908 troop, and she tells him about how they were developed with resistance to heat thanks to the special suits they wear which dulls their senses without them knowing it. Elsewhere, Alice and the gang continue arresting the drug dealers only for them to be released every time.
Machs and Oreld later run into Marielle, a girl from the sewer who’s father refuses to leave due to his drug addiction. Oreld realizes that she sold her hair so her dad could have money to buy drugs, so he brings her down to the sewers to use a bit of reverse psychology on her dad and the rest of the druggies, and it works a little too well as they managed to convince them to go up to the surface and work for their futures, but they also get beat up for provoking them by abusing Marielle.
Elsewhere, Metz, one of the drug dealers, discovers Hans hidden in the basement of his boss’s place, and recognizes him as the whack-job that tried to fry them in the sewer. He instantly gives himself up to Section III and comes clean with everything he knows. He tells them when his boss is scheduled to meet up their drug supplier, and Alice and the gang roll out for the show down. Though Alice denies Oland permission to square off with Hans if their paths should cross again since Oland is holding out on her about what they were talking about back in the sewers. She intends to deal with him personally.

I just couldn’t help myself with this pic ^_^’

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