Pumpkin Scissors Ep.16: The Slasher

Twin blades are better than her old twin tails

Mione, owner of the sewer works meets up with the mysterious masked man, who is also a member of the Silver Wheel organization that Mione so desperately wants to be a member of. Mione is fed up with his position of dealing Himmel for the Silver Wheel, so he actually threatens the masked man and gets his men to surround him. Masked man takes out most of his men in one strike, and Mione quickly changes his tune and begs for forgiveness. Masked man turns to leave, and the place is suddenly attacked by Section I soldiers!

Alice, Machs and Oland show up in time to see the slaughter, and they take it upon themselves to stand up to the Section I soldiers, who still have to await permission before they can open fire on fellow soldiers. Alice doesn’t hold back however, and introduces them to the twin double blades of her family’s heritage while Oland and Machs go after Mione and Hans.

Back at Section III HQ meanwhile, with a little help from Oreld’s “talents”, and the Metz handing over a little notebook, Hunks is able to gather some crucial information, and when he hears about Section I deploying the elite Claymore One unit, he heads out to speak with Connelly, who is in charge of Section I.


~ by 6six6 on April 12, 2007.

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