Pumpkin Scissors Ep.17: The Darkness That Still Cannot Be Saved

So we hear for the umpteenth time.

So while Alice dukes it out with the Claymores, we get a short flashback on Hans’ life and learn that he can’t take off the suit or he’ll die. Captain Hunks on the other hand tries to cut a deal with Major Connelly to call off the Claymores, but instead finds out that the army is itself interested in dealing Himmel for profit. Back to Alice and she’s able to take out the leader of the Claymores, but she learns that a second team had already been dispatched into the sewers to hunt down Mione and Hans.

So down in the sewers Oland and Machs manage to catch up to Mione and Hans, and plan their attack. But after hearing Hans’ sob story, Oland approaches him to try to talk to him, but Hans tries to barbecue him instead. The flames don’t effect Oland though, as he switches on the old lantern. Zombie Oland stabs Hans with an industrial-sized wire cutter and tries to rip his suit off. Oland manages to gain his sanity back in time to try and talk Hans into coming with him, but the Claymores show up and pump Hans full of holes, as well as sniping Mione in the back of the head. When Alice finally shows up, Oland is a mental wreck.
Meanwhile, Hans’ body ends up in the hands of Dr. Kauplan as she anticipates all the wonderful data she’s going get from his stiff, lifeless body.


~ by 6six6 on April 30, 2007.

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