Pumpkin Scissors Ep.18: A Small Force

Shiny Happy People

A very Stekkin centered episode as she tries to raise the spirits of everyone, particularly Oland, after the incident in the sewers. She tries to come up with a song and dance that they could all do together, but finds that it’s too embarrassing and Oland was even petrified when he accidentally saw her practicing! She asks Oreld to try and help since he knows how to enjoy life, but changes her mind when she realizes the types of methods Oreld has in mind for enjoying life. She thinks Machs would be better suited to help, but totally flubs her delivery and mentally scars Machs in the process!

A fight breaks out in the cafeteria between Section III and Section I when Stekkin delivers her newly learned fighting move to one of the Section I guys for berating Section III, and in the midst of this Machs runs into Lt. Webner and learns that Section I have been digging her for information regarding the thank incident from episode 4, before she shoves him to join in the fight since she’s taking bets on who will win!After the MPs break thing up, Stekkin is tending to Oland’s wounds and before she can make the ultimate sacrifice to cheer him up, he apologizes for for being so gloomy. Stekkin sings a Republic song to him which surprises him since it’s “enemy music”, but Stekkin explains she likes the songs from both the Empire and Republic and part of her reason for joining Section III was to get to learn them, so it’s ok for everyone to be a little selfish once and a while if they have their reasons.

Oland meets up with Oreld and they apologize to each other for what happened earlier in the cafeteria while they see off Marielle and the last of the sewer dwellers leaving to work on the government farms. After which Oland exclaims that he’d like to save everyone if he can, to which Oreld replies they are going to get into a lot of fights to accomplish that.

So everything is hunky dory for the Section III boys, at least until Alice announces she’s getting hitched!


This episode also featured a new ending theme which was the song sung by Stekkin as Plan A, and it’s a rather cute song, just too bad they only used it for this episode.


~ by 6six6 on May 16, 2007.

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  1. I like it 🙂

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