As you would expect, the wrong choice of words lead to an awkward moment.

Taking a break from Soul Eater to check out another of the many series in my backlog. Code-E is the interesting story about a girl (Chinami Ebihara) who has the power to emit electromagnetic waves which effects anything electrical. A curious classmate (Kotaro Kannagi) offers to help her control her abilities, but there seems to be more to the story as there are other parties interested in her and her special gift.

So far I’m up to episode 4, which deals with Chinami’s first days at her new school, meeting up with Kotaro, sorting out her problems with Kotaro’s childhood friend, Sonomi Kujo, and the arrival of two foreigners, the Brinberg siblings, as well as the realization that another classmate, Yuma Saihashi, might also have a special gift of her own.

Liking what I’ve seen so far, and interested to see where it goes.

~ by 6six6 on August 13, 2009.

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