A cruel joke?

Anybody else thinks that the viewers of AniMax played a cruel joke on the winner of their Shakugan no Shana II lookalike contest? I mean seriously, just my opinion, but the ugliest girl won! Heck, I voted on the first day of the polls, and she was already leading by a wide margin!

It was either national pride and she was showered with votes by her fellow countrymen, or like I’m saying, a cruel joke was instigated. A lot of the girls look a hell lot better than she did, and way more sexier in Shana’s outfit, and I know the otaku society has a sharp eye for beauty.

Or maybe it’s true that otaku really shun the “real” world and picked the ugliest girl in an act of spite?

~ by 6six6 on August 18, 2009.

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