Code-E ep.10-12 (End)

The happy ending that almost wasnt

After the shock of hearing Kotaro’s denial, Chinami is surprised to find that she has lost her Type-E ability! She spends the following weeks living the life of a normal girl, even buying herself a handphone and getting along well with her friends, but she continues to avoid Kannagi.

That is until she goes on the school summer trip to some experimental electronic resort. Here it her abilities suddenly come back, but much more powerful, and even Saihashi suddenly loses the ability to control her abilities! Turns out the whole thing is a setup, and there are multiple Type-E users in attendance. They are never really pointed out, but it seems like the animals living in the area are also affected.

Anyway, on the last night of the trip Kannangi finally confesses his feeling to Chinami, and we get our happy ending. It almost looked like they were going to pull a swerve and have Kannagi killed off when the whole facility collapses, but they didn’t go through it.

Unfortunately it looks like they killed off Mils, the female foreign sibling. Might not be for sure until watching the 2nd season, but I’m not watching that since the fansub group stopped abruptly, kinda like the final episode here where they crammed everything into the last few minutes and end with some loose ends.

Good series, but I don’t think I would watch it again.


~ by 6six6 on August 23, 2009.

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